The Personal Touch

Irresistible Relatability

Retention Services

Creating an environment where your employees choose to stay on is more than offering a carrot every few years. It's a cultural shift, which changes

the way workers feel about themselves when they clock in. It is joy.  Your new business culture will be forged by our regular presence at the company, organized events, fund raising, on-line community, monthly newsletters, and surveys. These tools deployed together reinforce the creation and

growth of a company that provides a career and home.



Our Regular Presence: This is a grass roots relating on an individual basis. It's knowing your employees by name, face, family, hobbies, hopes, likes, dislikes and what can be done to make them happy in their job. We're in the people business. Sometimes, it just takes a willing ear and not a larger sum of money to convince a stellar employee to stay with your company.


Organized Events:    

          Monthly Mixer (diner, drinks, and speaker);

          Monthly Club Meetings (wine club, hobby clubs, singles and married clubs, etc);

          Sporting Activities (Tournaments and Leagues - annual golf, softball, volleyball, tennis);

          Annual Black Tie Awards Ceremony;

          Fund Raising Events;

          Outreach Programs;

          First Fridays Get Together;


          Away Trips (cruises, skiing, tropical resorts & hiking);

          Volunteerism (committee structuring, managing);



Fund Raising: Fund raising is an integral part of financing many organized functions. Initiatives can be developed to work in conjunction with company operations to aid our client's in achieving their philanthropic goals. We have experience fulfilling such mandates and enjoy making an impact.


Social Media / On-Line Community: Today, the ability to communicate and share ideas is ubiquitous; and an important tool in developing a sense of belonging. A company-community site provides the employee a forum to stay up-to-date on organized events, important notifications, blogs, directory and news.


Monthly Newsletters:  A monthly newsletter, PDF or print, is a more personal way to keep employees informed of changes, up-coming events, and special announcements. It works in conjunction with the on-line community; creating a comprehensive staff information/notification platform.


Survey's:  Knowing your employees' minds is an absolute necessity if higher retention is to be achieved. Being a third party collecting this data also fosters an atmosphere of open and honest discourse; without fear of reprisal. We are not managing their career, position or salary. Our purpose is to serve their needs, develop a sense of community, and help them enjoy their place of work.

Additional Services

Giraffe provides for a number of other retention related support services.

          1. Coaching Services

          2. Employee Assistance and Rewards Programs

          3. On-Boarding

          4. Wellness Programs

          5. Training and Workshops

          6. Retention Meetings (quarterly, semi-annual, annual)

          7. Management Support (therapy, retreats, rewards, recognition)

          8. Employee Evaluations (personality assessment, effectiveness, loyalty, and peer review)