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Have we run out of polite conversation; abandoning civil discourse at popular dining establishments?

Recent run-ins between the public and our political representatives has quickly minced the dining experience for many throughout the country.  What's become of the polite in polite society?  Have we lost our civil discourse; tossing fists full of food in response to those opinions we despise?  Nancy Kruse, in a Nation's Restaurant News website article, takes a stab at the problem and what she hopes could or should be on the menu. Please read more.


The $4 barrier makes way for $5 offering.

Dining consumers across the country are looking to the $5 menu now for the best value.  Nancy Luna, in Nation's Restaurant News, discusses this in detail.  It's an interesting analysis of the QSR dining segment.

There are two interview questions posed to arrive at the all-important answer: Who?

From Linked in, Lou Adler discusses the two critical questions an interviewer ought pose to determing the most qualified candidate.  It's facinating and sure to enlighten.