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Welcome to Giraffe!

Welcome to Giraffe, Inc., where excellence and opportunity meet.   We are a growing and dynamic firm built on a strong foundation of recruiting, retention, and staffing services.  Giraffe deploys talented individuals who are intelligent problem solvers with years of human resource experience.  Opportunities abound for professional development.  We provide a progressive working environment that is supportive, diverse, and flexible.  Giraffe cares about its clients, its people, and providing intelligent human capital solutions.  

Human Solutions

Choosing the right recruiting and staffing solution instead of simply issuing the assignment to a unit Manager is the difference between great and good.  Recruiters are hunters.  Managers prepare, distribute and oversee what recruiters forage; both functionaries needed to ensure company vitality.  Electing the appropriate human capital solution for each position is integral to every successful business operation.  We care about our clients, our people, and providing superior hiring outcomes.  It's critical to Giraffe's success.

Candidate Benefits

We have developed a network of associates dedicated to building company relationships that make careers. Bring us your excellence. We'll provide the opportunity.  Our firm offers a selection of tools, which can assist in establishing an unforgettable presence; resulting in a job of your dreams. You are encouraged to make use of them. We want that first five minutes to be the only time it takes to demonstrate what you bring to the table.

For Clients

  • Recruiting Services
    Retention Services
  • Staffing Services
  • 30 Years of Experience

For Candidates

  • Professional Career Services
  • Resume Prequalification​​​​​​​
  • Interview Preparation
  • Support Channels

For Recruiters

  • Defined Career Path
  • Multiple Development Opportunities
  • Dynamic Working Environment
  • Intelligent & Caring Leadership


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  • Resume Building
  • Salary Calculator
  • Cost-of-Living Calculator